Sunday, 15 March 2009


This morning all my friends have slept at 12.00 because somethings have awakened early and they have spoken and we have already…:S

When we have awakened we arranged the room and we left.
I have gone with my father and my sister in Alfara, it’s a town with my grandparents and we have lunch.

This afternoon I have study a little because this week I will have a tests.

This night I will go to sleep soon because I am very tired!!!!!

I finished my diary!!!


This morning I have gone in Jesús (it’s a town that this weekend are a typical festival) and we have prepared the bar, the where and the stall we are this night. We have uploaded a banners too.

This afternoon I have gone out with my friends and we have gone to stick around to the fairs with Jesús and later we have gone a concert of a typical instruments, the gralla and drumps.
We saw the Gralla’s and drump’s concert and later we have dinner.

When we have finished we have gone at a pavilion. There have been concerts that typical music in our region.
We danced and sang a lot but I was at the bar too. This started at 23.00 and have finished at 5.30 but when the concert finished, we picked all…We finished at 7.00……

When we finished we went to Alba’s home to sleep. We slept at midday xD

This was a fantastic!!!

This is in the fair.

This is a gralla's concert in the afternoon.

We are Alba, Duna, Aru, Ivan and me

This is a concerts in the night xD


This morning I was tired about yesterday….

We have done class as always. I have done philosophy, biology, chemical. At half past eleven we have had free time and at twelve we have been at class to do and c.m.c.( world science).

This afternoon I have gone a hour at the conservatory and later I go with some friends and we painted a banner for tomorrow, because this weekend in the town next to my town are a typical festival and in the night we will go in a concerts.

At 21:00 I have gone with my house to dinner and at 21:30 I have gone at the band to 23:30 and now I go out a while with my friends until 3.

This is my class and our tutor Huw

This is our mascot, his name is Dooly xD

They are Alba (Aru), Dennís, Alba and me this afternoon

Saturday, 14 March 2009


Today is thursday.

Today is a different day, is a special day because this thursday is typical festival.
The morning is a normally day but at the afternoon the people go with his friends and they go to lunch and snake together.

This morning I have done three subjects, gymnastic, English and biology.
Later, I and my friends went to buy potatoes, sweets and drink.

We have lunch at 2:00 o’clock in a picnic and later we have gone by bike with “via verda”.
Via verda is a place very long, and you can walk or bike.This is next to the river, the river name’s is Ebre.
It was really funny!!!

Alba and me arrive in the picnic xD

We went some town too...

Next to the river

Sunday, 8 March 2009


Today the first two hours we haven’t have class because the teacher haven’t came. At the thirst hour I have got a test with biology.
At the break hour my friends and my have goneto local. We go every day on the break hour. In the local we have a TV, sofas, a table of pin-pon... We will go very well.

Picture: Alba and me

On wednesday we haven’t class at afternoon, we finished at 14:00.

This afternoon I have gone to buy with my mother and I have bought a trousers and a jumper.

Later I have gone two hours at conservatori and later at the band.
I’m watching Tv but now and I will go to sleep.



This morning have been a normaly morning.

In philosophy we have watch an interesting film about mithology.

This afternoon at 17:30 when I have finished class I have gone to swimming with my friend and we have talked too. Every tuesday when we went in the swimming pool we talked very and we swim a little.

When I have arrived at home at 19:30 o’clock aproximately I have have my homeworks to maths but I don’t undertand anything… Later I have played piano.
At 21:00 I have dinner and now I will revise biology and I will go to sleep.

Picture: they are Solé and Judith in maths class xD

Saturday, 28 February 2009


Today, I have woken up at 8.00 o'clock. Like every day.

Normally I go to school on foot. We start classes at 8.30.

This morning I have had cmc (world science), gymnastics and maths. Today in gymnastics we have played baseball. At half past eleven we have had free time and at twelve we have been at class to do biology and english.

At 14:00 we finished the class. Then, I went to my house to have lunch.

We started class at 15.30 and finished at 17.30.

When I finish class I have studied biology because wednesday we will have a test.

Later I played the piano and I have gone to conservatory at 21.30.

When I have finished I have gone in my house and I have had dinner, now I'm watching a TV.