Sunday, 15 March 2009


This morning I was tired about yesterday….

We have done class as always. I have done philosophy, biology, chemical. At half past eleven we have had free time and at twelve we have been at class to do and c.m.c.( world science).

This afternoon I have gone a hour at the conservatory and later I go with some friends and we painted a banner for tomorrow, because this weekend in the town next to my town are a typical festival and in the night we will go in a concerts.

At 21:00 I have gone with my house to dinner and at 21:30 I have gone at the band to 23:30 and now I go out a while with my friends until 3.

This is my class and our tutor Huw

This is our mascot, his name is Dooly xD

They are Alba (Aru), Dennís, Alba and me this afternoon

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