Sunday, 15 March 2009


This morning I have gone in Jesús (it’s a town that this weekend are a typical festival) and we have prepared the bar, the where and the stall we are this night. We have uploaded a banners too.

This afternoon I have gone out with my friends and we have gone to stick around to the fairs with Jesús and later we have gone a concert of a typical instruments, the gralla and drumps.
We saw the Gralla’s and drump’s concert and later we have dinner.

When we have finished we have gone at a pavilion. There have been concerts that typical music in our region.
We danced and sang a lot but I was at the bar too. This started at 23.00 and have finished at 5.30 but when the concert finished, we picked all…We finished at 7.00……

When we finished we went to Alba’s home to sleep. We slept at midday xD

This was a fantastic!!!

This is in the fair.

This is a gralla's concert in the afternoon.

We are Alba, Duna, Aru, Ivan and me

This is a concerts in the night xD

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