Saturday, 28 February 2009


Today, I have woken up at 8.00 o'clock. Like every day.

Normally I go to school on foot. We start classes at 8.30.

This morning I have had cmc (world science), gymnastics and maths. Today in gymnastics we have played baseball. At half past eleven we have had free time and at twelve we have been at class to do biology and english.

At 14:00 we finished the class. Then, I went to my house to have lunch.

We started class at 15.30 and finished at 17.30.

When I finish class I have studied biology because wednesday we will have a test.

Later I played the piano and I have gone to conservatory at 21.30.

When I have finished I have gone in my house and I have had dinner, now I'm watching a TV.

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